Anthony Caruana
Anthony Caruana, CEO & Co-founder, Media- Wize.

Anthony Caruana is a well-known writer, presenter, facilitator, journalist and consultant who has built a career thriving in today’s digitally driven 24-hour news cycle. He is a regular commentator on radio and TV and contributor to CSO Australia, ZDNet and Which-50.

He is the former editor of Macworld Australia and foundation editor of Technology Decisions.

As an experienced IT professional having worked as the lead IT executive in several businesses, he brings a unique insight to his reporting. As the CEO of Media-Wize, Anthony delivers media and PR training tailored to the needs of fast growth tech companies and startups to ensure their founders and spokespeople understand how the media works, what makes a story, how to articulate an engaging message and structure communication strategies to meet the company’s goals.

Mitigating the risks during a Incident Response and Handling disaster - how to manage the media

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Companies and organisations plan for all types of risks from the loss of customer data to fires through to natural disasters. But they often forget to plan for how they’re going to handle the media spotlight in a crisis and protect their brand and reputation.

It’s too late to start thinking about how you should have been prepared to handle media attention when a crisis is unfolding. We’ve all seen people crumble when they’ve been seemingly sideswiped by unexpected media attention or a question.

Using case studies, Anthony Caruana will illustrate the importance of a well-planned and rehearsed media plan supported by well-trained spokespeople can mitigate the risk of making a challenging situation worse.

Being calm and confident requires preparation and practice. In the same way you have financial plans and sales and marketing plans, you need to have detailed disaster management plans that include how you’re going to communicate with the media, customers, the general public, government and other stakeholders.

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