Bill Hagestad
[Independent Infosec Professional]
Lieutenant Colonel Bill Hagestad II is an internationally recognized & respected authority on the People’s Republic of China’s use of computer and information network systems as a weapon.

He speaks on strategic information security threats – while focused primarily on the Chinese Cyber Threat he also has provided classified briefings on Iran, North Korea and Russia.

Bill provides current cyber intelligence threat assessments to international commercial organizations, defense, and intelligence (OGA) and law enforcement entities.

His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Mandarin Chinese, with minor emphasis in Classical Chinese and Modern Japanese, University of Minnesota. He earned a Master of Science in Military Strategy from the US Marine Corps Command & Staff College in 2002.

He holds a Master of Science in Security Technologies from the College of Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota and a Master of Science in the Management of Technology from the Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota.

Chinese Cyber Espionage

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

NB. This presentation will be Traffic Light Protocol RED, so please plan accordingly.

Attendees will receive a field experience based journey into the heart of the People's Republic of China cyber espionage.

Programs such as 863—National High-Tech Research and Development Plan <<863——国家高技术研究发展计划>> & the strategic diplomatic, intelligence,military and economic impacts on Australia will be reviewed.

Bill will bring you face-to-face with Chinese military authors of "Unrestricted Warfare", Chinese hackers, and the tactical hacking techniques they have used to attack Canberra and Australia's national security.

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