David Jorm
[Commonwealth Bank Of Australia]
David has worked in the technology industry 20 years, in security for 10 years, and managing technical security teams for 7 years.

This experience has been across government, corporate, global technology companies, and silicon valley startups.His professional interests are managing high-performing teams, building up the next generation of security talent, and remote sensing/OSINT. He currently manages a penetration testing team for a big 4 bank.

Managing technical security teams: desperation, deadlines, and desk flips

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

Managing technical security teams is a unique role. Some people arrive in this role after a career doing hands-on individual contributor work in the field, while others arrive as a professional manager moving into a new domain.

This talk will examine a range of dichotomies in the management of technical teams, and draw on real world examples to provide insight into what works in what situation, as well as instances where an approach fails spectacularly.

These will include:

* Former technical specialists vs. professional managers
* Micromanagement vs. big picture vision and hands off management
* Office based culture vs. distributed remote teams
* Agile vs. waterfall
* Technical excellence vs. business imperative

The talk will conclude with a vision for building a sustainable and attractive team culture, and long term talent retention.

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