Eric Pinkerton
Eric has been breaking things just to fix them again since he was five, at 20, he spent his summer evenings working the door in a nightclub, and reading tarot cards during the day.

He didn’t realise it back then, but nothing could have prepared him better for a career in InfoSec. Cutting his teeth in the last century working as a technologist for the BBC World Service in London Eric developed a passion for emerging technologies, with a particular bent for security.

Arriving in Australia in 2003 he landed an operational role at Australia’s first IP Telco, Comindico, before moving to Telstra, then Stratsec (acquired by BAE Systems), CSC and finally Hivint.

He has presented at Cebit, AusCERT, AISA, AusNOG and CrikeyCon and remains a healthy skeptic who is still partial to aluminium millinery, obsessing over privacy, security and the myth of infallibility in humans.

As a swarm leader at 'Trustwave an Optus company', Eric spends his time leading a crack team of venomous Hivint infosec bees, consulting on a range of subject matter from next gen cloud architecture, to operational security excellence whilst running crisis management table top exercises for execs.

Let’s Talk About Ransomware

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

For most of us 2020 will not be the year we look back upon most favourably, but the same might not be said for the growing Ransomware Industry.

For them it would seem the sun has been shining brightly, and oh boy have they been busy making hay.

We are witnessing a veritable explosion in the number of attacks reported, the level of impact felt, the size of the ransom demands themselves, and the percentage of organisations actually paying up.

So what exactly do we think is going on here?

This will be an entertaining, and hopefully educational trip through the story of Ransomware. See where it came from, how it evolved and why, just how far it has come, and where it may be headed next.

Armed with this information, we can have a meaningful and pragmatic discourse about what can be done to insulate ourselves from such things, and how best to respond if all else fails.

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