Geoff Thonon
Although at ease either behind code, policy documents, working an incident, or writing a process flow diagram, being provided the duties of Operations Manager of AusCERT's exceptional team is as demanding as it is rewarding.

From AusCERT, Geoff liaises with like-minded computer emergency response teams for the purpose of creating a safe, clean and reliable cyber space through global collaboration.

Could Phishing be nastier by any other name?

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Getting phished and having a business email compromised is just the beginning of your woes. Let's stop it as soon as we can to avoid late nights at the terminal and early morning reports to the CIO.

In this presentation, in less than an hour, we are going to explore the category of incidents that takes up the largest volume of requests sent to AusCERT.

You may have seen it as Phishing take-down service from our webpage, but this is more than your regular phishing service. There are a few inner working we would like to show in our phish takedown process that may help you in submitting more of these for us to process.

After the hour you will be able to know what can be done with malspam, where the Indicators of Compromise information goes and what we do or can do to bring that malicious infrastructure down as soon as possible.

Also, if time permits, we can then discuss about a few online tools that you may use should you decide to either empower your users, or just make your reporting of the phish a little more thorough.

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