Kushal Shah
Kushal is a Senior Security Researcher @ Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs.

Research Areas:
Fuzzing, Zero Day Discovery in *-wares, Libraries, etc, Malware Research, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, etc.

Zero Day Bug Hunter & Hall of Fames: Microsoft, Google, Adobe,Cisco, Intel, Samsung, Facebook, Tableau, Nvidia, Foxit Software, Hancom, Schneider Electric, Amazon, SAP and many more.

Kushal is a Rochester Institute of Technology Alumnus.

Software Zero-Day Discovery: A Journey from Main to Return

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

Software Zero [0]-Day Discovery has been pursued by many researchers since the time soft-wares were first developed. Over the years, many researchers have shared their strategies, tools, etc., in the hope of aiding others Researchers in the field in this Art.

This talk is about several things critical in the whole Software Zero-Day Discovery approach, such as the following: -

1) How to find recent 1-Day Zero-Day Vulnerabilities?
2) How to select the Targets and Build/Use them?
3) How to find and build corpus for the Selected Targets?
4) The Common methods involved in 0Day Discovery like Fuzzing
5) AND Lastly How to find Critical Vulnerabilities by Neither Fuzzing Nor Reverse Engineering

This talk would also include a “Live Demo” about some recent Critical Vulnerabilities (in a widely used product by a big vendor) I discovered, and most importantly "How I discovered them without Reversing or Fuzzing!

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