Martin Dart
[WA Department of Health]
Martin Dart has 22 years of experience across multiple technology domains including cybersecurity, healthcare, intelligence operations, and commercial program delivery in Australia and Europe, working for State and Federal government departments and private industry.

He commenced as the first WA Health Department CISO in 2018, tasked with managing security across the world's largest single healthcare authority.

Martin is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at Edith Cowan University, Perth, investigating new methods of security engagement and delivery across diverse clinical environments.

Cybersecurity in Health Care: A new approach for the new decade

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

Since 2000 there has been a 525% increase in the volume of academic cybersecurity research – but only a 68% increase in the study of healthcare cybersecurity.

Meanwhile, healthcare has become the new frontline in the fight against cybercrime:

• In 2019 multiple sites in Victoria were impacted by Emotet malware, and earlier that year the Cabrini Heart Group suffered the loss of 15,000 patients records to a Cryptolocker virus
• In 2018 SingHealth lost 1.5 Million patient records after a targeted attack that lasted 12 months
• In 2017 the NHS cancelled 7,000 clinical appointments after being hit with Wannacry
• The 2018–19 trend of data breaches reported in Australia shows healthcare as the largest impacted sector

What is apparent from the research is a bias towards technical knowledge, rather than usability considerations.

This is a problem that healthcare systems at the largescale government level must overcome.


The WA Government is seeking to protect a healthcare system across 2.5 Million Square Kilometres, a $9.1 Billion budget, and with 1,000 clinical applications on 2,000 servers to manage. There is no single technical fix that can deliver a secure baseline to everyplace and every person in such a complex system.

WA is looking for ways to work WITH our clinical stakeholders, not just do security TO them:

• In 2019 we drafted a new cloud security policy, defining 3 new zones of risk
• We have been consistently tracking leaks of WA Health email addresses into hacking forums, to understand how our staff use email, and provide tailored guidance
• We have established a new system-wide security management forum to consider localised security issues when drafting policies and projects
• We have built a consortium of partnerships to bolster our knowledge gathering and incident response capabilities

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