Nick Forster
[The Missing Link ]
Nick is a Security Architect with a background in specialist counter-intelligence operations and was previously part of the management team for the EMEA SOC at Facebook.

He’s a trusted advisor for security architecture in consultative and delivery capacities, while also specialising in Security Awareness Training and Red Teaming, offering a holistic approach to cyber security for a wide range of clients.

The Insider’s Motive - The Threat Landscape in a Pandemic

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 3

Within a few short months, digital transformation programmes have been accelerated or upset entirely, and with it, projects around insider threats have been similarly brought forward. Large numbers of knowledge-based workers now spend their day outside the traditional controlled office environment, leading to higher risks when working with sensitive data of both accidental and deliberate leaks.

Unfortunately, many are also being furloughed or made redundant, and can find themselves in situations where taking company data with them can provide an advantage in a competitive labour market.

This talk will discuss the delve into the nature of insider threats – their motivations, methodologies, and how these have changed in the current climate. It will also delve into risk mitigation techniques, and finish with a live demo of the Proofpoint ITM platform.

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