Nick Klein
Nick leads the Digital Forensics & Incident Response practice (DFIR) at CyberCX.

His team helps clients respond to data breaches on a daily basis, from basic malware outbreaks to destructive cyber crimes involving ransomware and extortion, to large and complex intrusions by sophisticated threat actors, as well a broad range of traditional digital forensic investigations.

Nick was previously with the Australian Federal Police, working on international police investigations and intelligence operations including counter terrorism, online child abuse, computer hacking, and traditional crimes facilitated by new technologies. He is also a Certified Instructor with the SANS Institute, teaching advanced digital forensics and incident response to hundreds of students around the world.

Securing our communities – introducing CCX Digger, a new tool for detecting evidence of compromise by a foreign APT

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

CCX Digger is a free and open source project designed to help Australian organisations determine if they have been impacted by a recent high profile advanced persistent threat (APT). CCX Digger provides threat hunting functionality packaged in a simple-to-use tool, allowing users to detect certain attacker activities.

During 2020, especially in the May to June period, Australia experienced a significant increase in cyber incidents targeting all levels of government and across a wide range of industry sectors. The threat actors responsible combined basic attack techniques with more sophisticated elements that are more difficult to detect. The threat actor is known to leave implants on compromised networks to facilitate re-entry.

In this presentation, project collaborators Nick Klein and Jay Banerji (CyberCX) and Dr Michael Cohen (Velocidex Enterprises) will launch CCX Digger and demonstrate how it can help system owners determine whether their networks may have been compromised by these methods.

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