Simon Stahn
Simon Stahn is a consultant covering information, identity and business intent. He brings a security and privacy lens to organisations in almost every sector.

Summon the information heroes: Architecture, Governance and Security to bring evil info foes to justice!

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

History shows that the greatest successes are achieved when Heroes unite.

Similarly, Information Professionals today - each with their own unique traits and abilities - must learn how to team up with their fellow Information heroes to conquer some of the biggest challenges we’re facing on the information battlefield today.

Through this presentation Karen and Simon will reveal how through understanding each of the information management disciplines (such as information architecture, management, governance and security) we can successfully bring together the best of each to more effectively protect and enable the information assets in our organisations.

Further, to expedite information security outcomes, information professionals must understand the maturity, drivers and constraints of the organisation they operate within. Whether you are operating as a consultant, contractor or permanent employee, failing to understand and address these will paralyse your information security program faster than kryptonite weakens Superman!

Secure your place now!