Barry McMahon
Barry is a senior manager at LogMeIn and is responsible for evangelising the Identity and Access management division internationally, which includes LastPass.

He has experience in a variety of areas including engineering and presales (telecoms), operations (technical and commercial), product dev (IaaS and networks) and marketing (product and demand gen). A regular speaker and panel member at industry and analyst events, Barry helps organisations to be less restrictive on employees access whilst being more secure.

The value of identity in the digital environment

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

Today, leaders in IT are realising that a person's digital life is becoming a critical asset that needs to be protected to avoid data breaches, lawsuits, or loss of business. At the core of these issues we have the challenge posed by the increased number of devices, networks and multiple access points to corporate information.

In this session, Barry McMahon, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LogMeIn will take a closer look at the commercial value and issues around Identity Access Management and provide insight into how this seemingly innocuous part of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy is the vital lynchpin that is holding it all together.

Join this session and learn:

• How to reframe cybersecurity as an opportunity for strategic business.
• The six drivers accelerating the CEO’s boardroom security agenda.
• Key security challenges and implications for the future of business.

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