Shane Wescott
Shane Wescott started in IT in 1986, when Super Mini Computers ruled the world and 300MB drives were built like washing machines.

He has been part of 3 start-ups since 1995, and continues to focus on growing business in Aust/NZ. Security and End User Computing are his strong suits during his 16+ years with AppSense/LanDesk/Ivanti, and simplifying technical concepts to demonstrate customer focused solutions is what he does best.

Essential ACSC Controls – Protecting against PowerShell attacks and malicious insiders

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 2

Join our informative session and learn from our experiences implementing ACSC controls with our customers over the last decade.

In this session we focus on 3 key areas:

1. Blocking common threats using macros and PowerShell to exfiltrate your data and ransom your devices
2. Granular control and management over PowerShell execution
3. Mitigating against data exfiltration by malicious insiders

The session will showcase technologies used by federal, state & local government as well as private organisations across Australia to lift their security maturity levels.

Ivanti have been helping to secure organisations across the globe for over 30 years, market leaders in vulnerability management & endpoint security. Ivanti deliver capabilities to discover, secure and service your devices from the data centre to the cloud to the edge.

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