Marc Rogers
Marc Rogers is the Executive Director of Cybersecurity at Okta.

With a career that spans more than twenty years, he has been hacking since the 80's and is now a white-hat hacker. Prior to Okta, Marc served as the Head of Security for Cloudflare and spent a decade managing security for the UK operator, Vodafone.

He was a CISO in South Korea and co-founded a disruptive Bay Area startup. In his role as technical advisor on “Mr. Robot,” he helped create hacks for the show. And, as if that’s not enough, he also organises the world’s largest hacking conference: DEF CON.

Lessons learned from the pandemic and its impact on the security landscape

The data for this comes from the CTI-League, a volunteer cybersecurity organization made up from Industry professionals, Infosec experts, law enforcement and government agencies.

The CTI-League was created to combat cybersecurity threats facing the medical sector during the pandemic. As a result the league sees and acts on a significant amount of cyber-threat activity. There is a lot we can take away already from what has been observed at the front-lines and this talk will aim to give a high level overview of just some of those take-aways.

The session covers:

1. Some thoughts about the current threat landscape. We have seen an unprecedented amount of vulnerabilities drop in 2020. It is only September and we are on track to more than double the previous record.

2. Attacks seen cover the whole spectrum in terms of sophistication. We will discuss some examples that illustrate this point. Surprisingly some of the most effective are the simplest.

3.Impact analysis shows that we are all more vulnerable. This is largely due to a combination of isolation and hastily enacted pandemic strategies. It is clear that the threat actors are aware of this and are actively exploiting this opportunity.

4. Recommendations on counter-threat preparedness and defensive best practice to address the issues highlighted in 1, 2 and 3.

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