Neal Wise
Neal Wise has been involved in the Australian security community since emigrating from the United States in 1998. Starting with the first AusCERT conference in 2002, Neal has become a fixture at AusCERT events, speaking on topics including securing mobility and securing higher education.

Neal serves as CyberCX’s Executive Director of Capability Security Testing & Assurance. Prior to this, he co-founded Assurance in 2005 and served as its managing director until 2020 when Assurance officially joined CyberCX.

Being our own giants

Technical Level (3 being the highest score): 1

It is said that progress is made standing on the shoulders of those who were here before us. After its beginning in 2002, AusCERT’s annual conference is nearing 20 years of existence. Obviously, significant changes in the Australian technology (and threat) landscape have occurred over that time.

This presentation isn’t likely to discuss much of that. This presentation is highly likely to diverge into side-stories and rely heavily on evidence from fun had at previous AusCERT conferences. Still, as we go into the uncharted future, we can learn a little about where we’re heading based on where we once were.

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